Using the Enlighten App

Enlighten App Screenshot
The Enlighten App is split into two main sections; Awareness and Practice.

You can access the preference options of each section by pressing the Menu button from that screen.


The Awareness section of the Enlighten App is designed to alert you on a regular basis with a message of your choice. Typically this will be motivational text or a reminder.

Enlighten App Awareness Screenshot

 1  Awareness Message
Enter the awareness message to display during the alert notifications.

 2  Notify at regular time intervals
Enter the interval periods between the awareness alerts. You can select the time to be in minutes or hours.

 3  Limit alerts between a Starting and Ending time
If you would like to limit when alert notifications are sent, check this box and set the starting and ending times.

 4  Start / Cancel
Press the Start button to begin the awareness alerts. While the alerts are running you can press the Cancel button at any time to stop them.


The Practice section of the Enlighten App is designed to help you practice an activity (e.g. meditation) for a set period of time, with the option of timed intervals.

Enlighten App Practice Screenshot

 1  Set countdown timer
Set the number of hours and/or minutes for the countdown timer.

 2  Start / Cancel
Press the Start button to begin the countdown timer, or Cancel while it is running to stop it.

 3  Intervals
You can also set the number of minutes between sound intervals.

To access the preference options, press the Menu button.